According to KCCI, "A Des Moines attorney is unveiling her life as a part-time prostitute."

Her name is Katherine Sears, and she's not your typical "hooker." She's a lawyer, a mom and is also happily married. So why would someone like this want to delve into "the worlds oldest profession?"

It's simple: She enjoys sex. Sears told KCCI, "I like sex. Sex is fun and I get paid for it."

Sears travels to Nevada and stays there for up to three weeks at a time working at a legal brothel. She told KCCI, "Prostitution is consensual sex. The best I did, I made $55,000 in three weeks."

Katherine met her husband, John Sears, at Drake Law School in Des Moines. She was already working as a prostitute, and he had no issues with her career path. They are happily married and also have a 4-month-old son.

Sears told KCCI, "Prostitutes are people. Prostitutes are some of the best people I've known." She is currently working behind the scenes to decriminalize prostitution and takes prostitution cases on pro bono.

To read the full story, as well as video from the KCCI newscast, please click on this link.

So, what do you think? Should prostitution be legal? Would you be on board with and arrangement like this in your marriage? This takes open marriage to whole new level!

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[Source of story: KCCI News]

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