If you live in Ohio and your life-size sex doll is missing, I think I can help.

According to leoaffairs.com, "Authorities found a body in a nature preserve Thursday in southwest Ohio. Thankfully, it was an investigation they were able to close quickly."

It turns out the 'body' the police discovered was actually a sex doll. That's right, not a real body but a life-size sex doll. The name of the doll has not been released at this time.

The doll was found in a garbage bag on a hillside. The bag was spotted from a distance and authorities were concerned it was a dead body. A quick investigation and it was confirmed this was a sex doll....not a human.

Come on, Ohio. Let's clean it up a little! I don't want to BLOW this out of proportion, but it's just a little creepy and gross. Keep the plastic girls at home. It's not like you have to take them to your parents house for dinner!

Sex dolls are just a little weird. My friend Eric bought a doll a few years ago. Everything was so realistic...... all the way down to the fact she didn't want to have sex with him.

Mic drop.

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