It's a slow news day here at the mighty 94.1 KRNA. But I did come across an interesting story via the "mega-web." Brace yourself, it's going to get weird.

The web site asked people, "Is it cheating if you have sex with a love doll?" These "love dolls" have become quite advanced over the last few years as well as extremely popular.....I don't get it, It all seems a little odd to me.

The IllicitEncounters study reports, "59% of married people think that sleeping with the sex doll is cheating. They think this because they feel that their partner is denying them their love in favor of an intimate object."

I have to agree with the 59%. It's not right and it's also VERY creepy. How would you like to walk in and see your significant other in bed with Ken or Barbie?! An inflatable doll would really deflate my ego. And what happens if it pops?

"The 41% who felt it was free game to sleep with the love doll said they didn't see any difference between the doll or the use of sex toys and adult films," according to the IllicitEncounter article.

I've never know anyone to ever have a love doll experience. Then again, most people probably wouldn't admit to it if they did. Do you give the doll a name? Where do put the doll when you're done? I'm not trying to BLOW this out of proportion but it all seems very bizarre.

Let us know what you think! Comment below and we can discuss your answers tomorrow morning on The KRNA Morning Show! (I promise, no judging)

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