Can he take them "higher"? That's certainly the hope for many Green Bay Packers fans this year, as NFL MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers arrived at training camp with his contract ironed out and a Super Bowl in his sights. But Rodgers' look upon arriving at the Packers training facility certainly reminded many on Twitter of that of a certain late '90s rock star - Creed's Scott Stapp.

Video of Rodgers arriving at camp in jeans, long stringy hair and a white T-shirt drew several comparisons on Twitter, but many were quick to point out that this could be a nod to Stapp, who famously had the white T-shirt look and a similar hair style in Creed's 1999 video for "Higher."

Watch the Packers hype tweet that can be seen below and then check out the Creed "Higher" video and see if you don't see the resemblance.

Creed, "Higher"

"That’s Scott Stapp from Creed," commented one Twitter follower, while another noted, "Aaron Rodgers and Scott Stapp have never been seen in the same time room together."

Yet another, pointed out the other '90s comparison that people were throwing out, noting that there was a "slight chance this was in homage to one of Aaron Rodgers' favorite bands Creed, going with a Scott Stapp 'Higher' look," but then adding, "Though the blue jeans more align with Nic Cage in Con Air."

Con Air or Creed? Sure, that may leave some people "torn," but "what if" it could be both? Ready to embrace this tweet "with arms wide open"? "If Nicholas Cage in Con-Air and Scott Stapp from Creed had a love baby, it would be @AaronRodgers12," added another person.

This certainly wouldn't be the only time that there's been a Creed/Stapp tie to the NFL. In 2016, the Carolina Panthers added "Creedbombing" as a way to keep their practices loose, something that later earned Stapp's seal of approval. Stapp is also the favorite of another NFL QB, as Minnesota Vikings signal caller Kirk Cousins once investigated booking Creed for a private party.

Hilariously Accurate Rock Star Look-Alikes

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