Some artistic people say cannabis can assist with creativity and you can get a little sample by checking out the best names of marijuana dispensaries in Illinois.

Recreational Marijuana Is Huge Success In Illinois

It's no secret that legalizing recreational marijuana in Illinois has been an enormous success.  Each year it grows more. Currently, there are 113 dispensaries in our state.

According to,

Illinois dispensaries sold $1.5 billion worth of marijuana products in 2022, making a new record.


Sales were up 12% from 2021 and 131% from 2020, which was the first year recreational cannabis became legal.

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Some Users Say Cannabis Helps With Creativity

If you took a survey of people involved in creative career fields like artists, musicians, and writers to name a few, I'm pretty sure many of them would admit to being fans of weed. They would probably also agree that pot helps them with their creativity. Just think about the names given to the different strains of marijuana. They're all very original. The same goes for cannabis dispensaries.

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Most Creative Names For Pot Stores In Illinois

According to Illinois Cannabis Map...

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