You need one to drive.

You need one to fish.

Now, it turns out you can get a license to grow hemp.

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Iowa is rich in agriculture. If you go out for a long drive you'll find farms with acres of crops to harvest. Instead of growing alfalfa or soy beans, it looks like farmers in Iowa might be able to plant, harvest, and grow hemp.

Last year, Iowa residents could grow this plant if they acquired a license. As reported by Radio Iowa, the Iowa Department of Agriculture is allowing people to grow the crop as long as they apply. This will be the second year in a row that Iowans can sign up.

green marijuana in hand

The crop must have a THC level of .3 or less to be acceptable by the Iowa Department of Agriculture.

Last year, growers had only fifteen days to cultivate their crop. Just a year later and that time has doubled, which means that farmers have to harvest everything in thirty days or less. More than eighty licenses were given out over the course of last year's season, and the majority of people applying in 2021 are first time growers.

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