Every year fans and users of marijuana celebrate April 20th as "420 Day".

It's a silly little tradition that began years ago. As the legend goes, 4:20 was the time of day that young adults would light up and toke a bit of wacky-tobaccy. For the sake of any weed prudes, let's assume those were college kids, all over the age of 21, who had cleared their class schedule and had done their homework assignments.

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Nowadays, there are 12 U.S. states that have legalized the devil's cabbage for recreational use. Adults over age 21 can also puff a doobie in Washington D.C. with no worries.

Here in Iowa, marijuana is still very illegal, so on April 20, the 420 party is a bit more subdued, but no less celebrated. Two of Eastern Iowa's most popular headshops will host local events with store specials on glass pipes, vaporizers, accessories.

The Hazy Hideaway at 49 Kirkwood Ct. SW in Cedar Rapids is promoting it's annual 420 Celebration this weekend, April 16 - 18 from 11am-8pm each day, with a giant tent outside its store featuring amazing glass blowing demonstrations, sales and savings on the Hazy Hideaway's impressive collection of colorful glass artwork.

The Konnexion in Iowa City is another popular local store offering a wide variety of special discounts to mark the 420 occasion 

The Konnexion is located at 106 S. Linn St in in Iowa City, with a second shop at 1099 University Ave. in Dubuque. Both stores carry a beautiful display of original glass blown artwork including bubblers, steamers, rollers and water pipes. The Konnexion features an incredible display of glass artwork, all 100% American made from over 200 blowers.

A visit to both the Hazy Hideaway and the Konnexion is how many will likely observe and celebrate the 420 holiday weekend.


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Many pot smokers observe April 20 as an unofficial weed holiday know as "420 Day" with events and celebrations that promote the benefits and laws regarding legalized marijuana.

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