Did you know that the I-380 traffic cameras in Cedar Rapids have actually been recording speeders for the past two years? But due to various legal challenges, they have not been issuing speeding tickets or fines.

That all changes this Saturday June 1 as CBS2 News reports when the city of Cedar Rapids will once again begin issuing tickets to motorist who are captured on camera going too fast.

For the first month, the tickets will be sent out with just a warning. But on July 1st, the tickets will include a fine for anyone caught on camera driving more than 66 mph through the I-380 S-Curve.

On top of this wonderful development, the Iowa legislature is butting their nose into things and hoping to get a piece of the ticket revenue pie. The state is saying they want at least a 40% cut of the violation fines - and that is really pissing off the city.

Lost in all the "safety vs. revenue" argument is the fact that what we're really seeing here is the stripping away of an important individual freedom. It seems that the concept of Due Process is being lost in the process. So just don't speed. And a note to the last one to leave America, please turn out the lights...

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