You really should traverse the trail with fingers on both handlebars, but it was such a nice commute today I shot a little vid on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. The dense, urban portion of the trail that is.

Bike To Work Week 2015 starts on May 11. Red's Public House is a good starting point. Pedal into your workplace, then stop in at the "House" afterwards, hydrate, and hit the trail. I'm thinking this is going to be a Bike To Work Month for me. It was a long, cold winter and I have extra flubber to burn. [OK that was an embellishment. I always have extra flubber, no matter the season]. My Dad just gave me one of his many bicycles. This Trek Paragon is like a Lamborghini.

The New Bo Bike Swap is May 16 at New Bo City Market, the place where we will jam in August for KRNA's Alternative Music Festival. I attended last year and had a great ride to Ely afterwards. Peace Tree from Knoxville makes the miles more enjoyable. Ride ON...and careful when shooting Cellfies, cyclists.

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