More traffic cameras designed to automatically catch and fine speeding drivers may soon be popping up in school and work zones in Cedar Rapids neighborhoods.

On Tuesday the Cedar Rapids City Council approved the use of a new traffic camera called the "DragonCam" to nab speeders, according to the Gazette.

Unlike other stationary mounted cameras, the DragonCam would be used inside a  police vehicle, making it a very mobile device that could be left unattended for hours or even days.

Gatso, USA is the company that contracts the traffic cameras with the city. Gatso will provide the camera at "no charge" and get a piece of the action when the cameras are put into use. It has not yet been determined when that will occur.

Meanwhile, the debate over automatically issued traffic violations continues. City officials say it's purpose is primarily about public safety, but many residents see it as a cash-grab by the city. One traffic camera case has risen all the way to the Iowa Supreme Court.

How do you feel about the traffic camera issue in Cedar Rapids?

[source: Gazette]

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