An accident on I-380 in Cedar Rapids this morning proved to be a very time-consuming one for area drivers and it involved a huge number of vehicles.

Cedar Rapids Police tell KWWL that 14 vehicles were involved in the accident that happened around 6:45 this morning near 7th St. (U.S. Cellular Center Exit) on I-380 southbound.

It's believed a vehicle lost control because of slick conditions, which started the big chain reaction pileup. Thankfully, police believe there were only minor injuries to two drivers who were taken to area hospitals.

Traffic was rerouted off I-380 at the 32nd St. exit for a couple hours while the accident was cleaned up by authorities but traffic was backed up for miles. It's a reminder for all of us just how slippery and dangerous black ice can be. You may not see it, but it can cause major problems.

[via KWWL]

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