Winter is here and with the cold temperatures outside, you're probably looking for more places to have fun inside. Especially if you have kids. Well, look no further.

There's a family entertainment center here in Cedar Rapids that offers a wide variety of activities that the whole family can enjoy. It's called Dragon's Lair Family Adventure Center, and it's located at 6545 4th St. SW in Cedar Rapids. It opened in the summer of 2017. Just a quick browse through their website will show you that there is a TON of things to do here. Here's a list of some of the experiences offered:

Indoor Laser Tag at Dragon's Lair Family Entertainment Center

This takes laser tag to a whole new level. There are different missions that require you to work as a team, and they are changing all of the time. For example, there's a mission called "Domination" where you have to mark your team color on tubes throughout the maze. There's another mission called Zombie Infection where one player is the zombie and turns other players into zombies when they are tagged. The game ends when everyone is tagged or all zombies are dead. You can get more details, and read about other missions here.

Archery Tag at Dragon's Lair Family Entertainment Center

According to Dragon Laor's website, this "combines the intensity and excitement of dodgeball and paintball while using the skill set of archery with patented foam-tipped arrows." The arrows leave no welts, bruising, or marks, so it's fun and safe for all ages (and it's mess-free.)

Escape Rooms at Dragon's Lair Family Entertainment Center

There are several escape rooms that involve different things you must do to escape. The three rooms are Wizards Chamber, Curse of the Mummy, and Trygor's Dungeon. For example, in the "Wizard's Chamber," you have to find two dragons eggs and get out before an evil sorcerer returns in 20 minutes. Talk about pressure! Read more about the different rooms here.

Smash Room at Dragon's Lair Family Entertainment Center

Put on the Personal Protective Gear), choose your weapon and music, and swing away. There are two players allowed in the room at a time for a total of 25 minutes. You can pay for something to smash or bring your own items. Get a glimpse of what it's like below.

If this is the kind of therapy you're looking for, this isn't the only "smash room" in the area either. There's a place called All Out Rampage off of Edgewood in Cedar Rapids that will help you release that inner rage too!

It's safe to say that there is going to be plenty to keep us busy this winter. Have you been to one of these places? Share your photos with us in the app!

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