Perhaps no two names have captivated the hearts and minds of Iowa sports fans like Caitlin Clark and Brock Purdy. Clark continues to rewrite history in college basketball. Purdy has gone from Cyclone star to the starting QB for the San Francisco 49ers. But the two share a deep connection that few realize.

It is definitely a small world out there. But it is a really small world when it comes to the social circles of elite sports athletes. So what ties Brock Purdy and Caitlin Clark together so closely? NBC Sports reports that it is Caitlin's older brother Blake Clark. It turns out Blake was a college athlete too!

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Before Caitlin Clark headed off to the University of Iowa, her brother Blake was a quarterback for the Iowa State Cyclones. He was Brock Purdy's backup with the Cyclones, and NBC Sports reports that the two weren't just teammates, they became great friends. Such great friends in fact, that when Brock came home to get married to his fiance Jenna in Des Moines, Blake Clark was in Brock's wedding party! He's the groomsman in the lower left corner.

Facebook via Ivory+Bliss
Facebook via Ivory+Bliss

With Brock and Blake being best friends, Purdy obviously heard all about Blake's little sister Caitlin who was becoming a young basketball phenom. NBC Sports reports that Purdy knew that "she was going to be a game changer, so to see her absolutely killing it, I couldn't be happier for her."

A Hawkeye and a Cyclone tied together by family. Sounds like a lot of other households across the state of Iowa. One thing is for sure, we're rooting for both to have continued success!

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