In the midst of all the chaos here in Eastern Iowa, it's a relief to see so many people helping each other out!

Late last week, KCRG published an article revealing the struggles facing Oak Hill Manor in Cedar Rapids after last Monday's derecho. Like almost all of Eastern Iowa, the low-income senior apartment building was without power, which meant that residents were unable to leave because of no elevators, they couldn't keep insulin and other medications cold, and they couldn't charge their wheelchairs, among other serious problems. The plea for help from residents was heartbreaking to watch:

In true Iowa fashion, many people stepped up to help, including Cedar Rapidians Jon Biegen and Desiree Sade. According to a Facebook post from Jon:

"Thursday night, Desiree Sade saw a story on KCRG-TV9’s page about seniors with no power or food. Friday she started a fundraiser for $500 for groceries. $2245 later, we have delivered two GMC Terrains full of non-perishables to two senior communities. I’m so proud of the community coming together for each other. If you feel powerless, be like Desiree and try something small. It can grow into something even more beautiful."

The Facebook page for the fundraiser is called 'Derecho 2020 IOWA essential supplies.' As of this morning, $5,180 has been raised! Desiree and Jon have even been posting photos of receipts and videos from their drop-offs to show people exactly what their donations are going towards. A new post from Desiree says that yesterday they were able to bring propane to a woman on oxygen, they secured dog and cat food from Cedar Valley Humane Society, they donated batteries and lights to illuminate dark hallways and stairwells, and they delivered more meals and groceries.

If you'd like to contribute to the fundraiser, you can donate on the Facebook page HERE, through Venmo to deadsiree, or on Paypal to

[Via KCRG]

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