It sad to say, but our society is treating Devin Riley unfairly.

He is the Brooklyn, Iowa resident who could possibly be the last person to have seen Mollie Tibbetts before her disappearance. So Devin did what he was right to do, he told police what he knew, and what he saw.

After Devin told authorities that he recalled seeing Mollie on the evening of her disappearance, he and his family have been burdened with unfair and unnecessary treatment on social media and in person.

The hurtful comments and frosty stares are the exact opposite of what Devin should be receiving. Instead of being thanked for providing information to police and media that might shed some light on the case, KCRG reports that he and his daughters are feeling the negative backlash of uninformed and prejudice judgement of the general public.

It is obvious why this kind of public opinion is harmful to the case. What if someone else recalls something, but fears going to police in fear of being ostracized by neighbors or accused of wrongdoing simply by coming forward?

It's sad enough that weeks have gone by with no new leads to help find Mollie.

But to unfairly judge or profile those for simply coming forward with information is wrong, and harmful. This type of behavior needs to stop.

The Crimestopper's reward has increased to over $300,000 but still we wait with hope that someone will come forward with information to help bring Mollie safely home.

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