President Joe Biden will be in Iowa Tuesday, Apr. 12. It will be his first trip to the state since the 2020 election.

White House staff say the president will be visiting Menlo, Iowa a small city of just 345 people in Guthrie county just 45 miles west of Des Moines. He is set to speak about the economy and his infrastructure law.

The law will bring in millions to help fund and repair Iowa's roads and bridges, connect rural communities with high-speed internet access, clean up drinking water, and provide tens of thousands of Iowans with access to affordable health care, according to the Chair of the Iowa Democrats Ross Wilburn.

Biden has been to other states to speak about the bipartisan infrastructure bill that was passed in November. Iowa will receive roughly $5 billion over five years in new federal funding under the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the White House said when the bill was being approved by Congress. 

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According to the White House, the bill will provide to Iowa:

• $3.4 billion for highways in poor condition

• $432 million for bridge replacement and repairs

• $638 million for water infrastructure

• $305 million for public transportation

• $120 million for airport infrastructure and upgrades

• $100 million — and possibly more — for expanding broadband internet coverage

• $15 million for protection against cyberattacks

According to the Gazette, Republican Party of Iowa State Chairman Jeff Kaufmann also issued a statement Friday about Biden’s visit to Iowa.

I’d like to welcome Joe Biden back to Iowa, a state he lost by eight points, and where his popularity has sunk even lower today,” Kaufmann said in his statement. “Iowans and Americans are worse off than they were a year ago because of Biden's out-of-touch policies and broken promises. … Maybe a trip back to Iowa will be just what Joe Biden needs to understand what his reckless spending, big government policies are doing to our country.

Biden is expected to talk about corn-based ethanol, a key issue in the country’s top corn-producing state.

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