A family in Cedar Rapids is asking for your help.

"Waffles," the dog in the picture, has been missing for the last 5 days. Waffles was last seen on Wednesday, May 13th, near 80th Street and 16th Avenue SW.

The family is now offering a $1,000 reward for the return of their dog. There is a Facebook group that has been started, so folks can share clues and work together to bring Waffles home. If you have information that could help, please call either numbers in the flyer below.

Seth Marlin

On Saturday, the following was posted to the group page:

"Someone thinks they saw her last night on Stoney Point Road and E Avenue. We believe that she may be moving at night. If you're out looking, please look in hiding places and don't approach her as she will likely run off. Please call Katie or myself."

From what I've seen on the group page, there are dozens of people out searching for Waffles.
Seth Marlin

It's awesome to see the support this local family is receiving from the community. I'm hoping today will be the day that Waffles comes home. I'm sure she misses her family as much they miss her.

If you think you've seen waffles or have any information, please call 319-331-7859 or 319-331-7618. Thanks for your help, let's keep our fingers crossed that Waffles will be found!

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