Starting with a simple question, Iowa native Ashton Kutcher delivered a surprise commencement speech Friday during a virtual Honors Commendation Ceremony for 2020 graduates of the honors program at the University of Iowa.

"You're on the clock. What's your plan?" That's how Kutcher started his pre-recorded virtual commencement speech earlier today. In the video below, Kutcher talks about how he had a plan years earlier. And how life changed his plan to get him to where he is today.

Kutcher talks about the importance of throwing out his master plan. As he says at one point in the message, "Life will throw you some crazy, crazy curveballs. It'll send you opportunities and directions you couldn't even imagine. And if you've got the plan locked in, you just might miss the opportunity."

Ashton also talked about the importance of the people you surround yourself with, in your personal and work life. He offers this advice: "Take your time in finding generous, thoughtful, caring people to share your life and work with. And then, once you find them, give 'em all you've got. Give them everything, because the only things that are worth anything in this life are the things you can share."

Kutcher concludes by telling the grads just how quickly the years will slip by, speaking about the supply and demand curve of time: "As you get older... you'll know that it's only becoming in more limited supply and the demand is only becoming greater. The clock starts now. What's your plan?"

If Ashton ever needs a new career, he should pick motivational speaking. He excels at it.

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Ashton Kutcher Through the Years

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