With salons and barbershops closed since the start of the pandemic, many of us have been experiencing some "bad hair days" lately. But hey, just be thankful you're not on television for everyone to see!

Such is the case for local television personalty Mitch Fick. Mitch anchors the news every morning on CBS 2 and Fox 28. I turned on the show today, and noticed he's turned into a bit of a Chi-Pet. This dude needs a barber, so I decided to give him a call live on the radio and see if we could help!

Fick told me, "Dude, I haven't had a haircut in like 11 months! I'm hoping now that salons and barbershops are open again, I can get scheduled for a trim." He also sent me a photo the station posted to Facebook. As you can see, he's long overdue!


Mitch is a friend and has been a good sport about all of this. He told me, "I did trim my neck a little bit, but I figured I should leave it untouched as a sign of solidarity."

Well, it's May 15th today, and that means our friend CAN get a haircut if he wants to. But I think he should grow it out. I told him he's starting to look like a young Jason Newsted, the former bass player for Metallica!

Whatever Mitch decides, we'll keep watching him weekday mornings on CBS 2 and FOX 28. He's a solid journalist and we're lucky to have him in this market.

And he's a good sport with a good sense of humor, too.

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