Are Pot-bellied pigs soon to become the new pet sensation in Iowa?

Potbellied pigs are much like dogs in the sense that they're incredibly intelligent: they can be housebroken, walked on a leash, and in some cases trained to do tricks! It doesn't hurt that they are also super cute.

The little porkers are also hypo-allergenic. There's no shedding because they have hair instead of fur. They also like to cuddle, which makes them a good therapy-pet option, especially if you suffer from pet allergies.

The most popular breeds of indoor pigs are the Vietnamese Potbellied Pig and the Kunekune which are commonly labeled as "micro" or "teacup" pigs because they are smaller than regular pigs. But don't let that fool you - while they are smaller in relation to a full-sized hog, potbellied pets can still weigh in at 120-150 pounds. Some can even tip the scales over 200 pounds.

Iowa has several breeders that will sell you a pet pig...but they are not legal to own as pets inside many cities...yet.

According to a recent story on WQAD-TV, pigs-as-pets advocate Christina Hancock is looking to change a similar local ordinance (prohibiting pigs as pets) in Burlington Iowa.

Burlington Mayor McCampbell appeared to voice his support for this change and said "If allowing this ordinance could bring people joy and this is [a] trend that's not going to cause problems or issues...I wouldn't have any problem."

So far that hasn't happened in Burlington, but that doesn't mean it is off the table just yet.

We spoke with Burlington City Manager Jim Ferneau who said the city council seemed amiable, but as of now they are still in the discussion stage regarding changes to the current ordinance.

Potbellied pigs are not allowed as pets inside the city limits of Cedar Rapids.

But if you're looking to become an owner of one of these potbellied porkers, do your research! There are a lot of scams and misleading information out there. We want you to be prepared to live a long life with your pig by your side instead of on your breakfast table. Oink!

[source: WQAD-TV]

KRNA Staffer Amanda Heitmann also contributed to this story.

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