Missing in Wisconsin is a popular bronze statue of a famous television star.

"The Fonz" From "Happy Days" Has A Bronze Statue In Milwaukee

In 2008, "The Fonz," a character from the popular TV show, "Happy Days," was immortalized with a bronze statue on the Riverwalk in Milwaukee. The program was set in the Wisconsin city and helped to make it famous. There was a huge celebration to go along with it.

I have been lucky to do many cool things in my life thanks to my job in radio. Attending that event is right up there. I was able to interview "The Fonz" himself, along with "Mrs. C," "Joanie," and "Potsie." It was an amazing day. The funny thing is I never got to see the actual statue because I had to head back to Rockford before the unveiling.

Garry Marshall Theatre's 3rd Annual Founder's Gala Honoring Original "Happy Days" Cast
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Visiting The Bronze Fonz In Milwaukee

I finally got to visit the 'Bronze Fonz" in person a couple of years ago. My family and I went to Milwaukee to spend the day and do some sightseeing. I made them stop to see the statue. It was so awesome.

It is located on the Riverwalk at 117 East Wells Street. For more info, HERE.

The "Bronze Fonz" Statue In Milwaukee Is Missing


Do not panic. There is no reason to call the police. The mystery has already been solved.

The "Bronze Fonz" Has Been Found

According to the Visit Milwaukee Facebook page...

"VISIT Milwaukee is having the Bronze Fonz spruced up with some routine maintenance at Vanguard Sculpture Services. He will be back on the RiverWalk in about two weeks."

When the "Bronze Fonz" is back at its home and the next time you are in Milwaukee, I highly suggest you stop by for a selfie.

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