This could be the cause that people from all political parties can support.

Women in New Hampshire are asking the Supreme Court to hear their case to challenge local nudity laws.

At least three women were arrested after going topless on public beaches in New Hampshire doing nude yoga in protest of the laws.

The women are claiming such laws are discriminatory, since men are allowed to be topless in public while women are not.

Backing the trio with a “Free the Nipple“ campaign, supporters hope their efforts will get the case in front of the US Supreme Court this October.

This reporter fully supports their efforts, and promises to keep you abreast on this story as it develops. If passed, will Iowa women want those same rights? I think only a boob would find the idea offensive.

But all joking aside, why not? Shouldn't women be allowed to go topless? Why are the rules different for men? That's the serious question here.

All I know is that any man - or woman - the age of 40 years or older probably shouldn’t be out in public without a shirt. That's because of another law.

The law of gravity.

And nobody can really challenge that.

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