It's happening this weekend. In fact, it kicks off tomorrow. Storm Area 51, the event that thousands of UFO fans have been waiting for.

It's not surprising that Iowans are intrigued. There are at least ten KRNA fans that have expressed an interest in going on the Storm Area 51 Facebook page.

It's no short trip, it takes about 23 hours non-stop to drive there. If you left Cedar Rapids now, you'd be just in time for all the festivities. And it sure sounds like a party!

But if you're concerned about the Government squashing your plans to actually invade the top secret desert location, there is another option: an Area 51 concert event in nearby downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. But you'd need to fly to that destination because it's happening tonight.

Some may see this as a big joke, but many believe UFO's are no hoax. In fact this week the U.S. Navy revealed that recently released video footage of several unexplained aerial phenomena was real. The New York Times broke this story on May 26, 2019. They interviewed the pilots and posted this video.

So let's celebrate what is possibly the first officially confirmed sighting of Out of This World Visitors as we ponder what it means to find out that "we are not alone".

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