Over the past few years since moving to Iowa I've documented my life and experiences in Iowa on Instagram. Hundreds of dogs later, I've amassed a collection. Here's a reflection back on some of my favorite moments with my first dog Walley Winkle (Wallace Winkleton).

186 weeks ago

I adopted my first pup Walley Winkle, the chihuahua corgi mix. These were the days when I thought one pup was a handful.

172 Weeks ago

Walley and I at both of our first Cedar Rapids St. Patrick's Day parade.

171 weeks ago

Walley gets a raincoat.

167 Weeks ago

Walley shows off his artistic skills.

161 Weeks ago

Rocking out.

159 weeks ago

Bringing Walley to the dog park.

157 weeks ago

Walley might be part kangaroo.

154 weeks ago

How I used to wake up every morning.

151 weeks ago

Walley and I repping Disney.

144 weeks ago

Walley takes a nap.

143 weeks ago

Walley plays his first role as Gesture in an Instagram play.

142 weeks ago

Walleys first Halloween.

141 weeks ago

Walley's first Thanksgiving.

130 weeks ago

Walley's first winter.

127 weeks ago

Walley helps with the dishes.

123 weeks ago

Walley's toys come to life.

96 weeks ago

Walley competes with my husky Silas for a ball.

96 weeks ago

Walley shows off his jumping skills.

95 weeks ago

Walleys extra long magic trick.

94 weeks ago

Walley tries to escape the yard and gets stuck in the fence.

85 weeks ago

Walley pre-bath time.

78 weeks ago

Walley cleans a kitty.

71 weeks ago

Walley hangs out with our first rescue litter of pit bull puppies.

65 weeks ago

Walley poses and smiles with Silas the husky.

56 weeks ago

Walley is confused at tiny pit bull pups.

55 weeks ago

Walley chases the hose.

29 weeks ago

We briefly fostered a dog that looks like Walley's doppelganger.

19 weeks ago

Walley gets new pajamas.

14 weeks ago

Walley on the kitchen desk.

14 weeks ago

Walley shreds on a longboard.

4 weeks ago

Walley and I.

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