With dangerously high temperatures cooking our city, it's important to keep in mind that we put our coats away for the summer, but our furry friends can't. Here are some fun and creative projects, and important reminders on how to keep your puppies comfortable in the summer heat.

1. Make Peanut Butter Pup-sicles

Cool down your pups while helping them keep busy with some easy fun home made treats. It's super easy to Mix up some peanut butter and banana and freeze, and can become a group activity with kids. I've also seen this recipe made with chicken broth, green beans, and carrots as well so get creative but make sure to double check that your ingredients are dog friendly. Recipe Here.

2. Buy a Kiddy Pool 

So many pups love to swim in the lakes,  but you can help them make a splash at home too. Menards and Theisens carry pools for pretty cheap and you can buy a plastic (paw proof) kids pool for under $20.

 3. Never ever, leave your pup in the car.

I get it, you want your dog to be involved in your life and just need to grab something really quick. It's never worth it. Temperatures can increase so quickly, and while this is becoming common knowledge, the seriousness is still important to spread.

4. Lots of Water!

There are plenty of creative ways to help your dog stay hydrated. Dog water feeders can be found locally at Petsmart, and Petco and probably Theisens and Menards as well. They're relatively inexpensive and help your pet stay hydrated all day in their down time. You can also buy them relatively inexpensive online, and fill them with ice to last throughout the day.

5. Attend the K9 Splash!

Every August K9cola puts on a K9 Splash event where you can bring your dog to the pool in Bever park. Here's a quote from their page:

"Each August we welcome 600 dogs and 1500 people to Bever Park Pool in Cedar Rapids. Dogs enjoy playing, fetching and swimming to their hearts content over the course of the two days. People enjoy seeing how happy their dogs are and the exercise they get."-K9Cola


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