We all know that morning show host Jaymz Larson is a bit star-struck when it comes to the band Kiss. Now you may be asking yourself, "is Jaymz now actively stalking Gene Simmons?"

Jaymz was "on assignment" this weekend in St. Louis, but didn't reveal much more about what kind of work he was "assigned" to do. Now it looks like he's on stakeout, going undercover and tracking the leader of his favorite band Kiss.

J. Larson

By the looks of these photos it appears Jaymz has accomplished his mission, and it's safe to say that this pairs' chance encounter with each other was brief but mutually rewarding. Just look at that smile on Gene's face as he passes his favorite radio/TV personality.

J. Lasrson

To find out the whole story you'll just have to tune in tomorrow to the KRNA Morning Show when Jaymz is sure to fill us in on all the details.