Yeah, yeah. Winter's wind, snow, cold and ice suck. But some places suck less than others.

And then you have Iowa.

As boasting goes, the state of Iowa does its share as the home of cornfields, pork production and Ashton Kutcher.

But no one brags too loudly about Iowa being a great place to winter. The retired aunts and uncles choose to winter in Arizona or Florida. The rest of us sludge through every new year, stuck in the Iowa Icebox.

According to Thrillist, it's no surprise that Hawaii ranks the lowest on the Top 50 States with the Worst Winters.  And spots like Tennesee ranked closer to the middle (#36) as a not-too-unpleasant places to "winter" 

Where did Iowa place in the Top 50?

It's NOT as bad as Minnesota, which scored the #1 rank as having the WORST winters.

Nearby Michigan came in #2 and Wisconsin landed in 7th place.

Actually our lovely little state didn't even crack the Top 10!

Iowa came in 11th place as the Worst Winter State. So you see, it's really not so bad. Sure winters suck, but there are ten other states that are worse than us when it comes to dealing with the cold and snow of the winter season.

So throw on another pair of long johns before you head out today, and don't forget the mittens. And be grateful. At least you don't live in Minnesota!

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