Manchester is the drunkest city in Iowa according to some in-depth research. Place these 5000+ people in a large vat of booze and you have pure bliss, Delaware County-style.

And you thought it might be Iowa City or Dubuque or Schlitz-fueled Storm Lake. Nope. 'Chester leads the pack. Beavers, Strokers, Shanes. These pubs are filled to the brim with league-leaders. I distinctly remember walking out of Beavers after a birthday party a couple of years ago wishing someone would invent Uber. Wish it had been, because I had to walk all the way to Farley.

Mt. Vernon is a good place to have a sip. The Home of the Rams finished 6th. Cedar Rapids placed 10th in the poll and Iowa City was not in the Top 10. Maybe the people constructing these surveys have been hitting the bottle while researching.

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[Via RoadSnacks]