We asked you "which scary movie can still give you the willies?" And you told us.

Whether the story line is monsters, the dead (or the undead), science fiction, set in the past, or in the future, the scariest movies all have one thing in common: the willing suspension of disbelief.

Because this couldn't ever really happen...could it?!?

Photo: The Shining via YouTube
Photo: The Shining via YouTube

“The Exorcist” was one of the few movies that got a consensus of votes:

Other scary flicks include:

Don't look now...

Some folks can’t handle ANY scary movies…

And no one can ever agree on the which is really the most frightening:

alien isolation
Creative Assembly
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
MPI Media Group

But here’s the one comment that wins the all-time classic award for scariest film in our book:

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