No one wants to imagine that it's actually possible.

But for the sake of safety it may be time to review what to do and where to go in case some damn fool somewhere decides to push the button down.

The Iowa Homeland Security website has a page devoted to preparation that offers some good practical information.

For local disaster updates, the FEMA Iowa website is another place to find local resources.

A bit on the darker side, another source of detailed information is the website Nuclear Survival Resources, where you can find maps and other information that offers some fascinating reading and may help save your life.

Of course during uncertain times like these, there are no shortages of experts warning you to stay alert. One of them, Dr. Glenn Mollette of Newburgh Indiana, author of the new book "Uncommon Sense" has written some common sense safety guidelines in case the unimaginable happens.

And there is no reason why not to prepare a safety kit and stockpile some food and water in your basement. It may be a sad commentary that we find ourselves back in the 1950's mentality of "duck and cover" but it should not prevent us from being prudent.

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