This year has been unique when it comes to healthcare to say the least. I mean there has been a global pandemic going on which means health care is of the utmost importance all over the world.

Keeping this in mind the question becomes, "Where are the best states for health care?" Well, thanks to a WalletHub study we have the answer to this... and Iowa is on this list! WalletHub recently did a study to determine where Americans receive the highest-quality services of healthcare at the best prices and came out with their 2020 Best and Worst States for Health Care list. They compared key points such as healthcare cost, accessibility, outcome, health insurance, number of physicians and so on to compile this list.

Good news, Iowa ranked as 2020's 8th best state for health care (which is really good to hear during the pandemic)! Iowa received high marks amongst all the states for key factors including percentage of insured adults, percentage of insured children, hospital beds per capita, physicians per captia and so on.

Find out where all the other states rank here.

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