Dogs are man's best friend.  However, for some, the fear of larger dog breeds can turn the best friend into a worst enemy.

There is one breed in particular that Iowa trusts the least.  Is it a fair perception, or a stigma these dogs have received?

Dog-Related Injuries Per Year

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There are an estimated 90 million dogs in America.  So for the most part, dogs are nice.  But any dog can bite.

More than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year.  More than 800,000 of those bitten require medical attention.  Half of those bitten are children.

Sadly, on average, 30-50 people in America are killed per year by dogs.  And while the breeds of dogs that harm, bite, and kill vary, one remains on top of the least trusted list.

These Are The Least Trusted Dogs In Iowa

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A survey conducted by Bisnar Chase asked people which dog breeds they trusted the least.  The top 6 were:

6 - German Shepherds: German Shepherds are sixth on the list among Iowans, which may surprise some given their esteemed role in police and service work.

5 - Wolf-Hybrids: Known for their close genetic ties to wild wolves, these canine owners face skepticism due to the unpredictable nature often associated with these animals.

4 - Alaskan Malamutes:  Alaskan Malamute owners are challenged to meet their high exercise needs, often a point of contention for those unfamiliar with the breed.

3 - Siberian Huskies: Siberian Husky owners often face trust issues from the public, largely due to the breed's independent nature and resemblance to wolves.

2 - Rottweilers: Despite the breed's capacity for loyalty and guardianship, the imposing nature of rottweilers can be intimidating if not paired with rigorous and consistent training.

1 - Pit Bulls: The stigma fueled by media portrayals and controversial headlines propels Pit Bulls to the top of the list in Iowa, Illinois, and America. However, advocates argue that pit bulls can be among the most loyal and affectionate breeds when raised in a loving environment.

Maybe that is the key to any dog breed.  If the owners raise them properly people should be able to trust them.  So maybe this is more about trusting the owners, not the dogs.

You can see a full map of the least trusted dog breeds in every state below.

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