I got a little nervous on Saturday night when I was out with some friends. We were all outside having a few beers around 10:22 p.m. That's when I looked up to the sky and saw a very strange purple light.

At first, I thought it might be a plane, but we all know that planes aren't purple. Someone suggested it was a weather balloon, but I don't even know what that even is. So I drew my own conclusion, and assumed it was a UFO from outer space!

For the record, I was only on beer #3 when I saw the light. What I saw was real, but what was it? I decided to take a few pictures just in case this was really a spaceship from Venus. The photos are a little fuzzy,  but you can see it was pretty wild.


My friends all had their "theories" on what it could be, but we never really figured it out. A few of my buddies said it was probably from the sands of the Sahara desert,  a massive cloud of dust that is moving our way.

A local meteorologist told me they were wrong. She said, "The dust hasn't made it this far north, it's not that." I showed her the picture and she said she has no idea what it could have been.

The light went away after about 6 minutes. If it were Martians from outer space, did they hear us talking about them and dip out? Perhaps they were scared we would blow their cover!

I immediately thought about the Twilight Zone episode with the dude in the diner that had an eye in his forehead. Everyone thought he was the "normal one," until he took his hat off and his third eye was exposed!

So, what did I see? I still can't figure it out and I'm just wondering if anybody else saw it?  If you have any ideas, please comment below.

In the meantime, I'm gonna bet a ton on the Vikings to win the Super Bowl.

This purple light could be a sign.

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