The KRNA crew had a blast on Saturday watching the Hawkeyes at Sundown Bar & Grill! Even though Iowa got beat 38-14, it's always fun to be with good friends eating pizza, enjoying a few cold beers, and watching football.

This Saturday was extra special for me. I met a young man who drove all the way from Fairfax with his mother to attend our party. His name is Brandon Henderson, and KRNA is his favorite station. He showed up Saturday "to meet the people that he listens to on the radio everyday." He joked with Brian Sines, and took a few photos with Tommy Gunn and myself.

When I asked Brandon if he wanted the photo for Facebook, he told me he doesn't have Facebook. I thought, what kid doesn't have Facebook? Brandon told me the reason he doesn't have it, is because he's blind. I saw that he had a cane, but I guess I never put two and two together.

Brandon told us he enjoys listing to the radio and collecting old cell phones. His favorite phone is "anything Motorola." He loves to spend time listening to the different ring tones. I told him I had an iPhone, he quickly responded with, "your phone is a piece of junk!" I agreed, and we all shared a good laugh.

Brandon will never get to experience life the way we know it. As I write this, it really put things into perspective for me. I've had a pretty crappy week, but this young man faces a new challenge everyday. The next time you think you're life isn't going so well, think about Brandon. Our normal stress and anxiety are nothing compared to what he deals with on a daily basis.

I'm glad I got to meet Brandon. He's a brave young man and our conversation put a smile on my face. I hope to take Brandon on a tour of the station very soon....I'm sure he would really like that and I'll make sure I am very descriptive for him.

So, this Monday, at 7:05am, I'm playing a special song just for Brandon. According to his mom, that's about the time he will have the radio on as he's getting ready for school. I sure hope he's listening, I want to make his day as special as he made mine this last Saturday. Thanks, Brandon!

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