Okay folks, we may have "jumped the shark" on this one. Today on The KRNA Morning Show, our friend Eric had a procedure done. It was something that should have happened many, many, many years ago.....he waxed his back!

Well, he didn't. But our friends from Capri College did. Audrey Beadle and Morgan Lewis did a great job this morning. It wasn't easy, as he WAS a pretty hairy dude! In fact, they had to shave him before they could even start on the wax. It was pretty epic.

I've included the video at the bottom of this. I will apologize in advance if this clip scares anyone....because it sure scared me. By the way, Eric is feeling great and resting just fine.

To all the guys out in Eastern Iowa that may resemble a Sasquatch like Eric, give Capri a call. They will get you looking and feeling as smooth as a cucumber. Capri College can be reached at 319-364-1541.

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