With its fate uncertain since the fire that shut it down on February 4, KCRG says Maple Lanes Bowling Center in Waterloo is getting new life.

The fire was reportedly started by arsonists, and the place obviously hasn't looked quite like the picture above ever since. Evansdale's Kevin Cruz was charged with that arson, in addition to robbery and burglary as a result of the incident. "With the exception of the concrete, sticks and outside cinder block walls, it’s a complete rebuild", co-owner Rich Eighne told the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier.

On to better news. Maple Lanes co-owner Eighne says he plans to make it "bigger and better than before". The one-third or so of the building that wasn't destroyed by the fire has been gutted to get ready for rebuilding.

The contractors are not named in the story, but Eighne has big plans with a target date to open of May of 2021. A room will be added for billiards, darts, and pinball. Duckpin bowling lanes along with a reconfigured bar area, two outdoor volleyball courts, outdoor seating, and outdoor fire pits.

The plans are ambitious but exciting to make the legendary staple of University Avenue an even better place for family fun and date nights.

The Waterloo Board of Adjustments recently approved the rebuilding project for a new parking ordinance it didn't have to meet before the fire, so another hurdle has been crossed.

Waterloo and Eastern Iowa residents can't wait to have this community fun center back by May 1, 2021 and we wish the owners the best in their plans for a comeback.

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