It looks like a bunch of counterfeit bills are surfacing in the Iowa City area. According to a city news release, "The bills are printed on poor-quality paper and display bright red or pink Chinese characters on the front and back."

Wait a minute, the bills have Chinese characters on them? Who would take a bill that looked like that? I'm confused...It sounds like this currency is one step above Monopoly money. I don't know about you, but the Chinese writing would be a dead giveaway to me. I'm a little confused.

It sounds like we are dealing with a rookie counterfeiter. I'm guessing it won't take long for this person to get caught. Like all criminals, it's just a matter of time. In the meantime, be careful, people have been burned.

If you think you have received one of these "Chinese bills," you need to contact Iowa City Police. You can reach them at (319) 356-6800. 

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