So, the BBC dug up this old video from 1995 of a young James Corden interviewing Meatloaf over a decadent brunch. It's pretty crazy to see the Late, Late Show host this early along his career path, but honestly, it's a bit of a MacGuffin. The real treasure here is Meatloaf.

After being asked a softball question by young Corden, Meatloaf asks him to hold his wine so he can bang his head on the table. You know...that thing that normal people's brains usually veto as a valid answer to most questions. He then goes on to try and convince Corden that he would make the perfect Judd in a production of Oklahoma! Nay, he IS Judd.

Meatloaf generally seems like a cult leader that never found a following. And this interview was long before anyone knew he was capable of screaming down Gary Busey!  Luckily, Corden survived his encounter with this loose cannon. Does anyone expect more from a guy named after a gravy sponge.

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