So, this is odd. Iowans voted a popular tourist attraction known nationwide (and in many foreign countries) because it's associated with a popular sport and classic film as the worst tourist attraction in the state! Yes, I'm talking about the Field of Dreams site... The very sight that hosted an actual (and highly rated) Major League Baseball game this year. I KNOW, I am still in shock, too. I need to sit down, you might have to as well.

There's a guy named Matt Shirley who's well known on Instagram and every day he posts a new funny chart, graph, or map. This time he asked his 389,000 Instagram followers to tell him the worst attraction in their state for a new map...

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He now has the full U.S. map posted. Even though his survey sample was just his Instagram followers, the results seem pretty spot on for most states... I do disagree with the Field of Dreams pick, however. I mean, sorry Brandon, but that frying pan is kind of a bummer. You can't even cook with it!

MLB at Field of Dreams - Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
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How do you feel about our pick for worst attraction? Were we way off? I say yes. WAY, way off. But, when you think about it, is there another attraction in Iowa as well known as the Field of Dreams in Dyersville that could be in the running? Effigy Mounds National Monument? Surf Ballroom?

Honestly, we don't have a ton of candidates that draw in large crowds, hence Field of Dreams may be the only one enough people within the state know of. When you look at other states, some seriously popular attractions made the list so, at least the Field of Dreams is in good company.


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