Valentine's Day can suck for a lot of people. Not everyone has a significant other and the day can be lonely and depressing. But just because you're single, doesn't mean you can't go out and celebrate. You're single, not dead. Here's a few ideas to make the day suck LESS.

Take a short vacation: Valentine's Day is on a Thursday. Request vacation Thursday and Friday and jump on an airplane and get the hell out of this cold weather. I just checked, the Allegiant Vegas trip is super cheap right now.

Do something your ex hated: If they hated sushi, treat yourself to the all-you-can eat dinner at Wasabi in downtown Cedar Rapids. Be sure to post a picture to social know they are still stalking you.

Day drink with friends: You have no plans in the evening, no stuffy meals and you don't have to worry about buying any gifts. Use that extra cash and treat yourself to an afternoon of libations at a local watering hole. Spend the extra money and go to the "Top of Five." The view is killer and the drinks are strong.

Go see your grandparents: They love you for who you are. They don't judge and they don't care about Snapchat or Facebook. Odds are high that they are lonely this time of year, too. Bring them some Q-Dogs takeout, they'll love you even more!

Hit up Dancer's Ranch: I realize this one is more for the guys, but everyone is welcome. Go to the Wells Fargo on 33rd Avenue and get yourself plenty of one dollar bills. The guy at the door, his name is Mark. Let him know that "Jaymz sent you." You can thank me later on that one.

Spend some cash: It's time to say F*#@ it! You're saving in the long run by being single, so treat yourself to something nice. I'm talking like at least $500. Let's dip into the savings and get crazy. Don't hold back, this is your day!!

Try out Tinder: It wasn't for me, but I have some pretty CRAZY success stories from using it a few years ago. (Those stories are for another blog) You never know, you may meet your date for next year!

I hope this info helps the single person here in Eastern Iowa. Remember, this is a bullshit holiday fabricated by the folks at Hallmark to sell cards. Make it the day you want, and have some fun.

If you hate my ideas, go adopt a cat. That TOO will be a great experience!

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