If you're warming up your car this morning, be sure to lock the doors if you walk away!

I spoke with a Cedar Rapids police officer today, and he told me there has been multiple cart thefts in the metro area. People are warming up their vehicles and leaving them unattended. As I am writing this story, two new reports came in from residents of Cedar Rapids reporting theft of their vehicles.

I'll admit it, I leave my car running more than I should this time of year. It's cold out and I want a warm car. I guess I'm a little naive and growing up in a small town has taught me to trust people. But after hearing about all of these car thefts, I plan to start changing my ways.

Cedar Rapids Public Information Officer Greg Buelow told me, "In 2019, around 47.6 percent of motor vehicle theft and 26 percent of operating without owner consent incidents were vehicles left unlocked, left running or the keys in the console."

So the numbers show that at least 185 vehicles stolen last year were left running or the keys were inside the vehicle. Dang, that's a high number and I'm shocked.

I honestly didn't think this type of thing really happened in Cedar Rapids! Again, I'm a little naive and writing this story has made me rethink my decisions.

The LAST thing I want is my 2007 Chevrolet Impala stolen. It's beat up, it backfires when I accelerate and the radio is broken!

Maybe I WILL just leave it running.

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