No matter how you cut it, winning a major lottery prize is life-changing, right? You drop a good chunk of change in anyone's lap and they'll certainly be impacted, hopefully positively, by the extra moolah.

For one NE Iowa woman, the amount isn't as cut and dry as your typical lotto jackpots. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice-sized check... it's a hefty amount of dough, it's just not your typical lottery payday.

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33-year-old Tanya Munkel of Cresco won the jackpot on the Cherry Twist Progressive InstaPlay game from the Iowa Lottery. Her prize was more than $19,000, but she may just find it easier to tell her friends and family that she won $19K.

Iowa Lottery
Tanya Munkel via the Iowa Lottery

Yep, as you can see, Tanya picked herself up a lotta cash. $19,654.25 to be exact. Honestly, it's that 25 cents that really gets me! Hopefully, it didn't move this jackpot into a different taxable bracket.

In case you're not familiar with the Cherry Twist progressive game, the jackpot starts at an even $2,000, and then increases with each ticket sold statewide until it is won, as explained on the Iowa Lottery's website that celebrates Tanya's win.

Upon collecting her jackpot winnings, Tanya told lottery officials that the timing of her big win was perfect.

We have a massive plumbing leak in our kitchen from the upstairs bathroom. And so it came at the perfect time.

She also said she and her husband Matthew also plan to save some and use a portion to pay for gifts this holiday season.

There's no word on what she plans to do with that extra 25 cents.

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