Quite a few Eastern Iowans are ringing in the new year with a few extra zeros in their bank accounts.

Earlier this month, we shared with you the story of Francis Heim of Dunkerton. The man turned $20 into $250,000 just by buying a scratch off ticket with the Iowa Lottery.

You can read more about that here!

Now, another man from our neck of the woods is taking home some extra dough.

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Meet Suljo Sinanovic

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

Sinanovic is a Waterloo resident, who just got a whole lot richer. He purchased a $10 scratch ticket at the nearby Neighborhood Mart. This spot is located at 2100 Lafayette Street in Waterloo.

The lucky Eastern Iowan won one of the $100,000 grand prizes through the game. Sinanovic redeemed his prize on Friday, January 5th at the Iowa Lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids.

After some digging, I realized that this name might be a bit familiar, at least to me. Almost two years ago exactly, another man with the same last name won $100,000 as well with the Iowa Lottery!

His name is Salih Sinanovic and in January of 2022, he bought a winning scratch ticket from a Waterloo convenience store as well!

Could they be related to each other in any way? If so, then that is one incredibly lucky family!

Do you see a slight resemblance between the two men?

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

After doing some research, there was no way to confirm or deny the possibility that these two winners might be related.

A Little About the Game He Played

Sinanovic played a scratch game called the "$100,000 Mega Crossword." 

It's a $10 scratch game and has 46 top prizes of $100,000 and 92 prizes of $10,000. The overall odds for this game are 1 in 3.29.

If you need more information about the Iowa Lottery and any past or future winners, make sure to check out their official website here.

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