We have a lot of fun and talented people who "work" here among our four radio stations at Townsquare Media Cedar Rapids. Some of us are even famous (in our own minds, at least). Like a lot of people, we have celebrity dopplegangers, actual famous people we resemble.

I use the term "work" loosely, because we occasionally get to do stuff like this and call it our job: I thought it would be fun to take a poll among my coworkers to see who our celebrity look-alikes are. There were a few party-poopers who tried to spoil the fun and not participate, but otherwise the results were awesome.

  • Eric Stone (Rick Moranis)

    Danielle Rodgers

    My celebrity doppleganger is, apparently, Rick Moranis from "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids", "Spaceballs" and other classic films. I've been getting told I look like him since high school. I'm totally onboard, but he is known for playing some pretty nerdy characters, so I had to do some digging for the most handsome "civilian" photo of him I could find. He has more hair in the photo than I do, but can you see any similarities?

  • Courtlin (Cindy Lou Who)

    Danielle Rodgers

    Next is Courtlin, our 104-5 KDAT afternoon personality and 98.1 KHAK morning co-host, who is a Cindy Lou Who look-alike (from "Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas"). Perfect. What do you think?

  • Ryan "Brain" Brainard (Karl Heisenberg)

    Danielle Rodgers

    Treading lightly, here's her KHAK morning partner, Ryan "Brain" Brainard, next to his look-alike, Bryan Cranston's "Breaking Bad" character, Heisenberg

  • Jaymz Larson (Robert Downey Jr.)

    Danielle Rodgers

    Jaymz Larson, from our sister station 94.1 KRNA is a dead-ringer for Robert Downey, Jr. Since Jaymz is also considered kind of an "Iron Man" around here, it kind of fits.

  • Danielle (Ivanka Trump)

    Danielle Rodgers

    Our digital managing editor--who signs off on these blogs--and KHAK on-air personality, Danielle, bears a definite resemblance to Ivanka Trump.

  • Mike Ferris (Columbo)

    Danielle Rodgers

    Finally, and I may have some apologizing to do after this one, but our fearless leader even has his own doppleganger.  KDAT and KRNA 0perations manager and program director and KRNA on-air personality, Mike Ferris, looks a lot like the late actor Peter Falk, also known as Columbo. It doesn't take a lot of detective work to see this resemblance.