The aftermath of the Derecho storm is sapping a lot of our energy. So this harmless  fluff piece is just a little diversion for your enjoyment.

Iowa is still a great place to call home, as it makes it into another top ten list. But this one stings a little, so pass the aloe. Iowa recently made the Top Ten Most Sunburned States list.

But perhaps ranking in at #7 in the Top Ten Most Sunburned States isn't a big surprise for most Iowans. Of course Hawaii is the #1 most sunburned state. It's their default setting.

Iowa also ranks #7 on the Most Romantic State as profiled by

One ranking subject that Iowa could really work on improving is obesity. Last year KCRG cited a study that rated Iowans fatter than the average American. According to the study, 36.4% of Iowa's adult population struggles with obesity. The national average is 30.1%, a number that has doubled since 1990. It's time to drop the doughnut and take a brisk walk.

Iowa still makes a few seriously impressive top ten lists. According to Wikipedia, Iowa's high school graduation percentage (91.8%) ranks #9 in the top ten of the nation.

And when it comes to savers, Kiplinger's reports that Iowans rank about in the middle - perhaps just where you might expect to find us. But that's enough to generate a big number of millionaires among us, many of those created by smart frugal investors and planners.

  • Millionaire households: 73,129
  • Total households: 1,280,747
  • Concentration of millionaires: 5.71%
  • Rank: 31 (+1 from last year)
  • Median income for all households: $59,955
  • Median home value: $152,000

There is one ranking that puts Iowa at rock bottom of being the absolute worst in the USA for winter recreation. There is simply no denying that. It's no fun trying to find downhill skiing on flat land.

When it come to the big stuff, the really big does Iowa size up, so far?

We'll keep checking in.

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