You have to hand it to the residents of these small Iowa villages. They live in towns with names that could make a sailor blush. Of course it's not intentional, and it's also not very grown-up of me to be snickering like a 12 year old when I hear the names of these tiny towns.

But most of the locals take it with a grain of salt. Many of them also display a wicked sense of humor about the oddly named towns they live in.

Here are my Top Five Picks for the Iowa Towns with Names That Sound Dirty.

Balltown, IA

Cumming, IA

Fertile, IA

Sac City, IA

Volga, IA 

Now don't ask me why would a "volga" sound like something dirty? It just does! But it actually is a Russian word that means "from the river"

Nevertheless, it still sounds a little naughty...and dirty enough to make the cut in our Top Five list. Our hats are off to the fine folks who call one of these small Iowa towns "home".

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