The only time I write a story about the lottery is when the jackpot gets big. And right now the Powerball jackpot is HUGE!

If you match all 6 numbers in the drawing tonight, Wednesday, July 29th, your ticket will be worth $126 million dollars. I don't normally play the lottery, but I'll spend a couple bucks on one ticket to be a part of the million dollar dream.

You can play the Powerball in 44 states including right here in Iowa. Tickets cost $2 and the drawing takes place at 10 p.m. tonight.

When I buy a lottery ticket, I always think about the group of Quaker Oats employees in Cedar Rapids that split up $241 million dollars back in 2012. If I had to guess, most of those people are probably now retired.

But I've always said I'd still work if I won a big prize like that. I mean, you have to do something with your time anyway, and I like my job. I may take a few extra vacation days but I wouldn't just quit.

The winner tonight will have the ability to take a cash option of right around $104 million. That would be a fun check to deposit in the Wells Fargo drive-thru on 33rd Avenue!

I'm playing these numbers tonight: 2-16-32-44-19 with the Powerball number 35.

Go ahead and use my numbers if you'd like. I'd have no problem splitting the jackpot with any of my friends here in Eastern Iowa.

Good luck, I hope somebody from Iowa wins!

[Source: The Iowa Lottery]

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