It's Friday, October 4th and that means it's National Vodka Day!

I love this day as there are so many different ways to celebrate. I plan to enjoy a few drinks this morning on The KRNA Morning Show. After all, it's a holiday...right?

As far as my vodka preference, I'm a Tito's guy. It's not too cheap and not too expensive. It goes down smooth and the hangovers aren't bad at all. In my younger years, I drank plenty of cheap vodka, and I always regretted in the next day!

If I had to pick the worse vodka, I'd go with Hawkeye. No offense to any Iowa fans that love the name, this stuff is terrible!

I asked a local bar owner how much he pays for a bottle of Hawkeye. He told me, "It should be free, the stuff sucks!"

He's right about that. One day I woke up after a "Hawkeye Hangover" and I wasn't right for 24 hours! It was awful, never again. It may be cheap but it will wreck you.

I just hope you can all have a few drinks today in honor of National Vodka Day.

After all, vodka is America's favorite spirit and it's a good day to raise our glasses!

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