Alcohol can be part of a good time. Or even enhance an already good time *if* you drink responsibly. polled 2,000 of age drinkers, and asked them type of alcohol they were drinking when they did stupid stuff like get arrested or go streaking. The results... We all need to lay off the vodka when a tattoo artist is around...

  • Whiskey drinkers get arrested the most, it seems. Almost twice as many people said they were drinking whiskey, compared to rum in second place. Tequila was third...
  • Vodka drinkers are the most likely to get naked in public - nearly one third of people who've streaked said they were drinking vodka when it happened.
  • You're also most likely to get a tattoo after drinking vodka. Um... I'd love to see that tat. 42% were drinking it when they got inked up. Rum was next at only 21%.
  • You're most likely to set something on fire while drinking tequila so put the lighter down when having margs. Over a third of people who've started a fire while they were drunk said tequila was the culprit.
  • Tequila also causes the worst hangovers. Followed by vodka, whiskey, rum, and gin though, if you drink anything too much, you'll have a nice headache the next day... guaranteed.

The least likely to cause any sort of wild or stupid behavior: Scotch.

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