On Monday evening, the National Weather Service issued seven tornado warnings for the South Plains. The first warning was for a confirmed tornado on the ground near Morton Texas. The last was for a confirmed tornado near Levelland Texas.

A Facebook user shared a video of 3 tornados in one area. "It’s amazing Meadow Texas Southwest of Lubbock Texas," he said in his post.


Fortunately, the tornadoes did not hit any towns. There were reports of wind damage to utility poles and a barn in Hockley County and some power outages.

The south plains storms produced a large tornado near Morton, Texas aswell.

Morton and Lubbock Texas are only 1 hour from each other.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Inbetween Morton and Lubbock is a town called Levelland. As the storms traveled through the Texas towns, the Levelland Fire Department shared pictures of the damage spotted north of Highway 114 on FM 303. 


Photos Of The Tornados

Storm chasers and photographers were excited about these storms and made sure to get as close as possible to snag these cool pictures.

Tornado in Morton Texas.

This photographer captured the tornado traveling over the road.

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